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Preventing Viruses and Malware

Computers have become a necessity in today’s world for many people as many households own a computer. People use this technology for many activities like searching for information online, shopping, banking services, doing homework, and social networking. When performing these activities your computer may be infected by viruses and having your data corrupted and hard disk rendered inoperable is the worst nightmare for computer users. Because of this, making sure you know the top tools […]

Getting burned is not fun

Sometimes it takes learning a lesson to understand why you were put in the situation in the first place. With the way technology is setup and used so frequently now, it’s not surprising that many lessons are learned by using technology. The lesson I was fortunate (actually, unfortunate) enough to learn, is what to do to your computer when it seemingly bursts to flames – maybe from being too close to the sun?! While it’s […]