Getting burned is not fun

Sometimes it takes learning a lesson to understand why you were put in the situation in the first place. With the way technology is setup and used so frequently now, it’s not surprising that many lessons are learned by using technology.

The lesson I was fortunate (actually, unfortunate) enough to learn, is what to do to your computer when it seemingly bursts to flames – maybe from being too close to the sun?!

While it’s unfortunate to have to go through the situation to remember how to fix it in the future, it would have been much sweeter to avoid it in the first place. Oh well, such is life!

When writing poetry, I like to print it out and read a physical copy. I feel it’s easier for me to see typos or other errors that way. When I was doing that, I kept getting an error on my computer saying my printer wasn’t working. It was something about the spoolsv.exe file. The errors I was getting were saying the printing cache or buffer is full or not working properly. I did some research on the Microsoft forum to see if anybody else was noticing this too. Good news is – some other people had seen this too.

I kept doing more searches to see if there was any site that could help fix it. Sure enough, I found a site that has tons of articles about various errors and other tips and reviews to help too. I went to and the info there was great. Plus, they had information about the spoolsv process that was pretty helpful too.

I also checked this video to see if it would help, but it didn’t offer a ton of help outside of what I already knew.

So, I kept searching further. Like I said, it’s nice to be able to edit a physical pen and paper copy for me, and I didn’t want to have to worry about this later if I were to print a longer document to edit.

I went back to the other site and searched for the article about how to fix the spoolsv.exe error. Sure enough, it had tons of information about what could cause it, how to fix it, and ways to make sure it doesn’t happen in the future. I wasn’t too worried I had a virus, but it also suggested getting my computer scanned. Maybe I should do that too, and make sure I’m good to go to keep printing my paper copies. :-)

As I said before, it’s interesting how sometimes it takes actually going through the lesson to learn why you should do something differently. Either way, I’m glad it’s working now, and super thankful so many people have great information online to help people with somewhat basic problems. I’d much rather spend 5-10 minutes doing some research to fix a basic problem than paying Geek Squad or some other company $100+ to “diagnose” and “fix” my problem. From what I’ve heard, that can be a total pain and be much more costly than it has to be.

Anyways, back to editing, have a great weekend!